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ZOHAR:  12:59 (ET)ASR:05:15 (ET)
SUNSET:  07:05 (ET)MAGHRIB:07:22 (ET)
ISHA:  08:19 (ET)  * All Times Local To Delran, NJ
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Upcoming Events
Regular Programs

Regular Programs

Bait ul Qayem hosts the following services every week throughout the entire year:

  • Shab-e-Jum’aa (Thursday night) amaal (Surah Yaseen, Dua-e-Kumayl)
  • Salaat-ul Jum’aa (Friday Prayers)
  • Weekly Islamic School (Saturdays September through June)
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* When BQTV is not broadcasting live, the most recently recorded video will be shown.

Welcome to BQTV Live! Insha Allah we will be broadcasting most programs held at Bait ul Qayem live on the Internet. To watch the live broadcast full screen in Youtube, click on the arrow icon in the lower right-hand corner of the window above.

Youth Group
Islamic Resources
Islamic School

Islamic School

Dar ul Ilm is an Islamic school geared toward the education of our youth.

The Shia Association of North America (SANA) operates Dar ul Ilm on a weekly basis.

Classes are held every Saturday.

Please visit the Dar ul Ilm school website for more information.

Resident Aalim

Resident Aalim

Maulana Ahmad Ameeni

Maulana Ahmad Ameeni is the Resident Aalim of SANA. He is available to provide spiritual guidance and to perform religious rituals for the community. He is also the Imam of the weekly Jumah prayers as well a scholar at the Dar ul Ilm Islamic school.

You may contact Maulana Ameeni through a number of means:
By mobile phone: 267-235-8374
By email:
You may visit him in person during weekly Friday prayers at Bait ul Qayem.
You may visit him in person on Saturdays during the weekly Dar ul Ilm school sessions at Bait ul Qayem.

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Shop Amazon To Support SANA

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Donate To SANA

Did You Know That… Bait ul Qayem has been authorized to collect Khums?

What better way to put your Khums to good use than to promote the growth of your very own local Islamic center?

Bait ul Qayem has partnered up with PayPal to accept your donations and / or Khums payments. Click on the PayPal donation logo below to make a contribution today.

Funeral Services

Funeral Services

The Shia Association of North America can facilitate funeral and burial services for Momineen according to the Shia doctrine. Refer to our Funeral Services Handbook for details.

Contact Us

Contact Us

You can contact us via e-mail at:
You can reach our 24-hour Baitul Qayem Information Line for recorded message updates at:


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Driving Directions

Driving Directions

Bait ul Qayem’s address is:
337 Conrow Road
Delran, NJ 08075

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About Us

About Us

Shia Association of North America was established in the 1970s as one of the first Ithna Ashari Shia Islamic centers in the United States. Beginning with a handful of families, the facilities of the center, Bait ul Qayem, and the services offered to the community have burgeoned and flourished into a society that encompasses a broad membership of Momineen from the Tri-State area.

Bait-ul-Qayem has served the Shias in the Delaware Valley for over 25 years as a place to conduct religious, educational, charitable and cultural activities according to the Ithna-asheri Shia faith under fiqh-e-Jafaria (Jafari jurisprudence). Our mission is to promote religious learning and foster a sense of brotherhood and social consciousness.  We welcome Shias and others to learn about the Shia faith.

Bait-ul-Qayem wishes to promote unity and brotherhood amongst our Islamic adherents as well as the community at large.  Services are conducted in English and Urdu, but can also be conducted in other languages to accommodate our brothers and sisters of all backgrounds.


Baitul Qayem is committed to provide a place and the resources necessary to further the tenets of Islam and promote religious learning and foster social/human consciousness as prescribed by the Al-Mighty Allah (SWT) through Islam under the guidance of the Ahlul Bayt (AS).

SANA/Baitul Qayem holds true that:

  • As congregants, we subscribe and believe that all mankind are born and created equal.
  • All congregants shall respect all the major religions and their practices and shall not hold any religious fanatical beliefs against any religion or faith.
  • This corporation shall not affiliate with any subversive organization, political organization or party.


By the grace of Allah (SWT), Baitul Qayem is proud to have served the Ithna-Asheri Shia community for over 25 years at their current location. Baitul Qayem is operated and administered by the Shia Association of North America (SANA; a non-profit, charitable organization that has been incorporated since 1971).

The Islamic Center is located in Delran Township (Burlington County, NJ), on 8.9 acres of land, and has grown from a humble 2-bedroom house into a multi-functional center with two congregation halls.  Our latest addition, completed in fall 2010, expands the current center and features a new men’s congregation hall, a reconfigured ladies’ congregation hall, as well as two dining halls, separate restrooms, and a fully-equipped, professional kitchen.

Shia Business Directory

Shia Business Directory

* Empower the Shia community by spurring economic growth.
* Provide employment opportunities to community members.
* Lay out a career path for our college graduates.
* Improve and strengthen our economic condition.
* Expand your business by advertising to the community.

Register for the Shia Business Directory.
* Registration is FREE.

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Links To Other Important Sites

Links To Other Important Sites

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